Beanstalk Part 1 contest logo

    Beanstalk Part 1

    $100,000 USDC

    Beanstalk is a permissionless fiat stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum. Its primary objective is to incentivize independent market participants to regularly cross the price of 1 Bean over its dollar peg in a sustainable fashion.

    Ends in 26 days (Feb 26th — Mar 25th)

    MorpheusAI contest logo


    $22,500 USDC

    Morpheus AI is a Smart Agent concept of connecting LLMs and AI Agents to wallets, Dapps, & smart contracts promises to open the world of Web3 to everyone. Chatting in normal language with your Smart Agent and having it understand the question or task, is similar to how Google's search engine opened the early internet up to the general public.

    Ended 25 days ago (Jan 30th — Feb 3rd) contest logo

    $27,500 USDC

    A first-of-its-kind liquid delegated staking platform delivering DeFi composability for Chainlink Staking. Built by premier Chainlink ecosystem developer LinkPool, powered by Chainlink node operators, and governed by the DAO,'s extensible architecture is purpose-built to support Chainlink Staking and to extend participation in the Chainlink Network.

    Ended about 2 months ago (Dec 22nd — Jan 12th)

    The Standard contest logo

    The Standard

    $20,000 USDC

    Secure your crypto assets, such as ETH, WBTC, ARB, LINK, & PAXG tokenized gold, in smart contracts that you control and no one else, then effortlessly borrow stablecoins with 0% interest loans and no time limit to pay back.

    Ended about 2 months ago (Dec 27th — Jan 10th)

    Steadefi contest logo


    $35,000 USDC

    Steadefi is the next-gen DeFi protocol designed to provide the highest and most sustainable real yields to our investors without the stress of constant position management or the prolonged downturns of the crypto markets.

    Ended 4 months ago (Oct 26th — Nov 6th)

    Vyper - Compiler contest logo

    Vyper - Compiler

    $160,000 USDC

    Vyper is a Pythonic programming language designed specifically for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Prioritizing security, compiler simplicity, and auditability, Vyper intentionally omits several features from Python to reduce vulnerabilities and potential EVM exploits. Vyper enables developers to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum platform while ensuring that the contracts are more transparent and easier to audit than those written in other languages.

    Ended 4 months ago (Sep 14th — Nov 4th)

    DittoETH contest logo


    $55,000 USDC

    The system mints pegged assets (stablecoins) using an orderbook, using over-collateralized staked ETH.

    Ended 5 months ago (Sep 8th — Oct 8th)

    Sparkn  contest logo


    $15,000 USDC

    The SPARKN protocol is a Web3 project that aims to build a marketplace for anyone who wants to solve their problems or anyone who wants to help solve problems. As a first step, we have created the protocol. The details of how to use the protocol is up to the users. This team is a graduate of the Foundry Full Course on YouTube with $15,000 up for grabs!

    Ended 6 months ago (Aug 21st — Aug 29th)

    Beedle - Oracle free perpetual lending contest logo

    Beedle - Oracle free perpetual lending

    $20,000 USDC

    Oracle free peer to peer perpetual lending Before diving into the codebase and this implementation of the Blend lending protocol, it is recommended that you read the original paper by Paradigm and Blur:

    Ended 7 months ago (Jul 24th — Aug 7th)

    Foundry DeFi Stablecoin CodeHawks Audit Contest contest logo

    Foundry DeFi Stablecoin CodeHawks Audit Contest

    $15,000 USDC

    This project is meant to be a stablecoin where users can deposit WETH and WBTC in exchange for a token that will be pegged to the USD. The system is meant to be such that someone could fork this codebase, swap out WETH & WBTC for any basket of assets they like, and the code would work the same.

    Ended 7 months ago (Jul 24th — Aug 5th)

    CodeHawks Escrow Contract - Competition Details contest logo

    CodeHawks Escrow Contract - Competition Details

    $40,000 USDC

    This project is meant to enable smart contract auditors (sellers) and smart contract protocols looking for audits (buyers) to connect using a credibly neutral option, with optional arbitration.

    Ended 7 months ago (Jul 24th — Aug 5th)