What is a CodeHawks First Flight?

First Flights are smart contract auditing challenges characterized by smaller codebases and different rewards mechanisms from our standard smart contract auditing competitions, making them the perfect testing and learning ground for any aspirant smart contract security auditor.

A new First Flight is announced every month and will be available to participate in on CodeHawks.

Differently from the CodeHawks smart contract auditing competitions, First Flights do not come with monetary prize pools but grant participants XP earned by submitting findings.

For more information: CodeHawks Docs

First Flights

    First Flight #18: T-Swap contest logo

    First Flight #18: T-Swap

    This project is meant to be a permissionless way for users to swap assets between each other at a fair price. You can think of T-Swap as a decentralized asset/token exchange (DEX). T-Swap is known as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) because it doesn't use a normal "order book" style exchange, instead it uses "Pools" of an asset. It is similar to Uniswap.

    Ends in 2 days (Jun 20th — Jun 27th)

    First Flight #17: Dussehra contest logo

    First Flight #17: Dussehra

    Dussehra, a major Hindu festival, commemorates the victory of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, over the demon king Ravana. The festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil, righteousness over wickedness. The Dussehra protocol allows user to participate in the event of Dussehra.

    Ended 12 days ago (Jun 6th — Jun 13th)

    First Flight #16: Mafia Takedown contest logo

    First Flight #16: Mafia Takedown

    An undercover AMA agent (anti-mafia agency) discovered a protocol used by the Mafia. In several days, a raid will be conducted by the police and we need as much information as possible about this protocol to prevent any problems. But the AMA doesn’t have any web3 experts on their team. Hawks, they need your help! Find flaws in this protocol and send us your findings.

    Ended 26 days ago (May 23rd — May 30th)

    First Flight #15: Mondrian Wallet contest logo

    First Flight #15: Mondrian Wallet

    Our team loves account abstraction, and abstract art, so we decided to combine them! Users who create an account abstraction wallet with MondrianWallet will get a cool account abstraction wallet, with a random Mondrian art painting!

    Ended about 1 month ago (May 9th — May 16th)

    First Flight #14: AirDropper contest logo

    First Flight #14: AirDropper

    AirDropper is a gas optimized protocol built to assist with token distribution on the zkSync Era chain.

    Ended about 2 months ago (Apr 25th — May 2nd)

    First Flight #13: Baba Marta contest logo

    First Flight #13: Baba Marta

    Every year on 1st March people in Bulgaria celebrate a centuries-old tradition called the day of Baba Marta ("Baba" means Grandma and "Mart" means March), related to sending off the winter and welcoming the approaching spring. The "Baba Marta" protocol allows you to buy `MartenitsaToken` and to give it away to friends!

    Ended 2 months ago (Apr 11th — Apr 18th)

    First Flight #12: Kitty Connect contest logo

    First Flight #12: Kitty Connect

    Get pumped for the 2nd Community Submitted First Flight on CodeHawks, brought to us by Shikhar Agarwal! This project allows users to buy a cute cat from our branches and mint NFT for buying a cat. The NFT will be used to track the cat info and all related data for a particular cat corresponding to their token ids. Kitty Owner can also Bridge their NFT from one chain to another chain via Chainlink CCIP.

    Ended 3 months ago (Mar 28th — Apr 4th)

    First Flight #11: Snek-Raffle contest logo

    First Flight #11: Snek-Raffle

    The Puppy Raffle NFT team is back! And this time, they've learnt from their mistakes... It couldn't have been their fault their last contract had so many bugs, so puppies and solidity must have just been bad luck! They decided to try this again, with sneks and Vyper! Surely that was the issue last time? 😜 The Puppy Raffle team loves being on the cutting edge, so this codebase is built with a new beta release of the vyper compiler!

    Ended 3 months ago (Mar 7th — Mar 14th)

    First Flight #10: One Shot contest logo

    First Flight #10: One Shot

    When opportunity knocks, you gunna answer it? One Shot lets a user mint a rapper NFT, have it gain experience in the streets (staking) and Rap Battle against other NFTs for Cred.

    Ended 4 months ago (Feb 22nd — Feb 29th)

    First Flight #9: Soulmate contest logo

    First Flight #9: Soulmate

    Love is in the air, and our community's very own n0kto has graciously played matchmaker with the Soulmate protocol! Lovers estranged can come together through the magic of a Soulbound NFT and watch their LoveToken stacks grow as the relationship matures.

    Ended 4 months ago (Feb 8th — Feb 15th)

    First Flight #8: Math Master contest logo

    First Flight #8: Math Master

    The math MASTERS are titans of the algebraic and gas efficient. This small library of hyper-optimized functions hopes to allow developers to make better codebases!

    Ended 5 months ago (Jan 25th — Feb 2nd)

    First Flight #7: Horse Store contest logo

    First Flight #7: Horse Store

    Q. What does a horse say to an insecure Web3? A. NAAAAY! Get ready for First Flight #7: Horse Store, another perfect opportunity to learn and grow!

    Ended 5 months ago (Jan 11th — Jan 18th)

    First Flight #6: Voting Booth contest logo

    First Flight #6: Voting Booth

    This is a special rendition of CodeHawks First Flights, as this contract is a simplified version of a real contract which was audited by Cyfrin in a private audit and contained the same bug! Thanks to Dacian for creating this First Flight! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find that bug!

    Ended 6 months ago (Dec 15th — Dec 22nd)

    First Flight #5: Santa's List contest logo

    First Flight #5: Santa's List

    He's making a smart contract and checking it twice ... Let's find out if this protocol has been naughty or nice!

    Ended 7 months ago (Nov 30th — Dec 7th)

    First Flight #4: Boss Bridge contest logo

    First Flight #4: Boss Bridge

    First Flight #4 has you delving into Boss Bridge, a simple protocol allowing users to move tokens from Layer 1 to Layer 2.

    Ended 7 months ago (Nov 9th — Nov 15th)

    First Flight #3: Thunder Loan contest logo

    First Flight #3: Thunder Loan

    Become more familiar with DeFi and flashloans in CodeHawks' most challenging First Flight yet! Thunder Loan allows users to create flash loans and provides yield to it's liquidity providers!

    Ended 8 months ago (Nov 1st — Nov 8th)

    First Flight #2: Puppy Raffle contest logo

    First Flight #2: Puppy Raffle

    This next First Flight audit will have you applying your skills to an NFT Raffle Protocol. Let's make those Pups secure!

    Ended 8 months ago (Oct 25th — Nov 1st)

    First Flight #1: PasswordStore contest logo

    First Flight #1: PasswordStore

    2x XP boost

    First Flight Initiative - New to Web3 Security? Start your journey here! PasswordStore is a simple solidity protocol meant to allow the owner to store and retrieve their password securely. Never worry about forgetting your password again!

    Ended 8 months ago (Oct 18th — Oct 25th)