What is a CodeHawks First Flight?

First Flights are smart contract auditing challenges characterized by smaller codebases and different rewards mechanisms from our standard smart contract auditing competitions, making them the perfect testing and learning ground for any aspirant smart contract security auditor.

A new First Flight is announced every month and will be available to participate in on CodeHawks.

Differently from the CodeHawks smart contract auditing competitions, First Flights do not come with monetary prize pools but grant participants XP earned by submitting findings.

For more information: CodeHawks Docs

First Flights

    First Flight #5: Santa's List contest logo

    First Flight #5: Santa's List

    He's making a smart contract and checking it twice ... Let's find out if this protocol has been naughty or nice!

    Ends in 5 days (Nov 30th — Dec 7th)

    First Flight #4: Boss Bridge contest logo

    First Flight #4: Boss Bridge

    First Flight #4 has you delving into Boss Bridge, a simple protocol allowing users to move tokens from Layer 1 to Layer 2.

    Ended 17 days ago (Nov 9th — Nov 15th)

    First Flight #3: Thunder Loan contest logo

    First Flight #3: Thunder Loan

    Become more familiar with DeFi and flashloans in CodeHawks' most challenging First Flight yet! Thunder Loan allows users to create flash loans and provides yield to it's liquidity providers!

    Ended 24 days ago (Nov 1st — Nov 8th)

    First Flight #2: Puppy Raffle contest logo

    First Flight #2: Puppy Raffle

    This next First Flight audit will have you applying your skills to an NFT Raffle Protocol. Let's make those Pups secure!

    Ended about 1 month ago (Oct 25th — Nov 1st)

    First Flight #1: PasswordStore contest logo

    First Flight #1: PasswordStore

    2x XP boost

    First Flight Initiative - New to Web3 Security? Start your journey here! PasswordStore is a simple solidity protocol meant to allow the owner to store and retrieve their password securely. Never worry about forgetting your password again!

    Ended about 1 month ago (Oct 18th — Oct 25th)