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#169 Upgradeable contract is missing a gap storage variable


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The missing gap storage variable in upgradeable contracts, like in the SDLPool.sol file, is a vulnerability that limits future flexibility and can lead to storage collisions or incompatibilities if the contract is upgraded or extended.

Vulnerability Details

If a contract is extended, a gap storage variable will allow to freely add new state variables in the future, without compromising the storage compatibility with existing deployments.

OpenZeppelin docs.

contract SDLPool is RewardsPoolController, IERC721Upgradeable, IERC721MetadataUpgradeable {  
    IERC20Upgradeable public sdlToken;


Without gap storage variables, upgrading the contract can lead to storage collisions, which can corrupt the contract's state, lead to loss of data, or make the contract behave unpredictably.

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Add gap storage

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Lack of storage gaps in SDLPool might impact storage of SDLPoolPrimary and SDLPoolSecondary if new storage introduced in future.