NatSpec `@return` argument is missing



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NatSpec @return argument is missing


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NatSpec @return argument is missing

Vulnerability Details

Instances (19):

File: src/DSCEngine.sol

299:     function _getAccountInformation(address user)

312:     function _healthFactor(address user) private view returns (uint256) {

326:     function _calculateHealthFactor(uint256 totalDscMinted, uint256 collateralValueInUsd)

342:     function getTokenAmountFromUsd(address token, uint256 usdAmountInWei) public view returns (uint256) {

352:     function getAccountCollateralValue(address user) public view returns (uint256 totalCollateralValueInUsd) {

363:     function getUsdValue(address token, uint256 amount) public view returns (uint256) {

373:     function getAccountInformation(address user)

381:     function getAdditionalFeedPrecision() external pure returns (uint256) {

385:     function getPrecision() external pure returns (uint256) {

389:     function calculateHealthFactor(uint256 totalDscMinted, uint256 collateralValueInUsd)

397:     function getHealthFactor(address user) external view returns (uint256) {

401:     function getLiquidationBonus() external pure returns (uint256) {

405:     function getCollateralTokenPriceFeed(address token) external view returns (address) {

409:     function getCollateralTokens() external view returns (address[] memory) {

413:     function getMinHealthFactor() external pure returns (uint256) {

417:     function getLiquidationThreshold() external pure returns (uint256) {

421:     function getCollateralBalanceOfUser(address user, address token) external view returns (uint256) {

425:     function getDsc() external view returns (address) {

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File: src/DecentralizedStableCoin.sol

58:     function mint(address _to, uint256 _amount) external onlyOwner returns (bool) {

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