There is no incentive to liquidate small positions



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There is no incentive to liquidate small positions


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there is no incentive to liquidate low value accounts such as 5$ usd value accounts because of gas cost

Vulnerability Details

Liquidators liquidate users for the profit they can make. If there is no profit to be made than there will be no one to call the liquidate function. For example an account has 6$ worth of collateral and has 4 DSC minted. This user is undercollateralized and must be liquidated in order to ensure that the protocol remains overcollateralized. Because the value of the account is so low, after gas costs, liquidators will not make a profit liquidating this user. In the end these low value accounts will never get liquidating, leaving the protocol with bad debt and can even cause the protocol to be undercollateralized with enough small value accounts being underwater.


The protocol can be undercollateralized potentially not allowing users to redeem their DSC for its value, complete loss of funds.

Tools Used

manual review


A potential fix could be to only allow users to mint DSC if their collateral value is past a certain threshold.